Thailand – a Taste of Paradise

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having an amazing holiday so far! I finally had time to edit some videos and below is my Thailand adventure with two of my friends, Kat and Ben. Still new with Final Cut Pro so hope you enjoy my very first video! 🙂 Thailand is definitely a honeymoon vacation spot in my eyes. We were on a mission to hit all the cities under two weeks. At the end of the trip, we were tired but definitely worth every sweat! Stay tuned for more photos

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Oslo – Hot Cocoa in the Rain

If you like the cold weather and snow, Norway is for you. I particularly am not a fan of the below-zero weather because I was born in the Philippines and raised in the Bay. Ayyyy. I was lucky enough that one of my cousins from the Philippines was at Oslo to show me around. Without her, I would have no sense of direction and learning Danish would have been extremely hard. Places to Visit:   The Royal Palace – the King’s Guards did their routine march around the castle every hour. I have mad respect for the guards because they

Scotland – Fifty Shades of Green

Scotland was definitely green alright. It was a good break from all the big churches and buildings from all the industrialized European countries I have visited during this trip. Even though the weather was sunny, it was still windy AF. So… don’t forget to bring dem thick sweaters 🙂 Places to Visit: Calton Hill – One of Scotland’s famous landmarks. You might need a buddy to help you up because the monument steps are so tall and high. Arthur’s Seat Hike – The view from up top was indescribable. You can see all of Edinburgh’s beauty from the

Venice – Beauty of Slow and Silence

This city was breathtaking. You have to be really there to understand how beautiful this city is. The culture is more relaxed and chill compared to the other three cities I’ve visited in Rome. Everyone is more into drinking wine and playing cards or just hanging out by the canals to enjoy the view. I will let the photos do the talking so hopefully these pictures capture the culture I am talking about.

Florence – Unexpected Perfect Sunset

A great city to see the sunset because of how the sunlight shines through the city. We only had a couple of hours so we didn’t get much time so I shall be back Florence! Highlight: When my friend and I snuck into a hotel for their rooftop and to our surprise it was a rooftop swimming pool instead! Seeing the sunset there was so memorable because I was able to relax and see the beauty of the city and realized where I was.

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